The Nottingham Street With 8 Cafes On It!

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Despite rumours that the high street is struggling (thanks to the rise in online shopping etc), that could not be further from the truth on Front Street in Arnold, Nottingham. A thriving high street, it’s home to an impressive eight different cafes, ranging from the national chains to the small independents. If you’re in Arnold, [Read more…]

Do you wish it could be Christmas Everyday?

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The air is getting colder and the last leaves are falling from the trees. Christmas has already taken over shops with presents and cards being advertised everywhere. However, does that mean that it is time to get the decorations out and get your house ready for Christmas? 100 Days until Christmas Christmas seemingly has become [Read more…]

This year, we at Snizl are really starting to think about the local businesses, and want to bring more attention to why shopping with independent retailers is often better than shopping with the big chains. There’s no doubt that they’re two sides to this opinion. A pro for the big chains is supermarkets. For example, you can step [Read more…]

Coca-Cola Christmas Tuck Tour!

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Christmas is here…nearly. And so is the worldwide Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour 2017! The time has come, and you could see the iconic big red truck in a city near you! Coca-Cola Christmas Truck History The big red truck first appeared on our screens in 1995 and it has become a tradition for Coca-Cola. The [Read more…]