Stay Loyal To Your Local Businesses!

This year, we at Snizl are really starting to think about the local businesses, and want to bring more attention to why shopping with independent retailers is often better than shopping with the big chains.

There’s no doubt that they’re two sides to this opinion. A pro for the big chains is supermarkets. For example, you can step into Asda and have your new coffee machine, fresh (ish) fruit and veg and a brand new handbag at your feet. It sure is handy, but is it good for the local economy?

So, we have done some research and found that it’s probably not as good as shopping at your local independents. Although there has been an increase from going into the town market to ordering shopping online with the big chains, did you know that your spending towards independent retails could boost the local economy?

Supporting Local Businesses

Why Independent businesses are better than chains

Research shows that each pound you spend in larger businesses, only 40p of it remains in the local economy. Whereas 63p remain in the local economy when you spend in small businesses! Also, High streets populated with independent businesses nearby and within, boost the prices of homes in the area due to popularity.

Usually, smaller businesses and establishments have fresher and better produce. More time and effort goes into the product such as fishmongers and butchers, these are the businesses that really struggle. There has been a noticeable amount closing down the past few years because of the unbeatable prices that supermarkets are offering. But only because in most cases, the produce that supermarkets get is a few weeks old or imported in plastic from overseas.

Markets, stalls, bookshops and cafes bring community value and can be used as social areas and public spaces rather than just a retail outlet. They’re really good for communities to bond, help and appreciate the independent companies. And people like the idea of a unique local business contributing to the areas distinctive character!

Studies have also shown that more jobs are created by local businesses than big chain stores. Independent businesses are nationally the largest employers accounting for 75% of jobs in the country! So they really do help the workforce and community in many ways.

Small Businesses

Other ways to support

You don’t just have to go to the local butchers to support the local businesses in your area. You can also make a change and give back locally by attending and getting involved with festivals popping up near you. Such as food festivals and beer festivals. These are really good places to support businesses and local retailers and it can also be a pleasant social time too, some stalls and shops may even be giving out free samples to customers!

A fantastic food festival happening very soon:  The Lincolnshire Food & Gift Fair.

Many independent business owners will have been at the job for many years with loads of experience and just wanting to serve the best produce prepared in front of the customer so you and they know its always going to be fresh. Festivals are a great opportunity to try new things and buy from independent caterers.

For all these reasons and many more buying from a local independent store rather than a big chain makes economic sense. It’s an absolute necessity to sustain and retain the uniqueness of local communities. Without the community and the peoples support, the local businesses just could not survive. So, let’s try and make a change and support the local businesses near you, here is just a small selection of local businesses that you can have a look at today:


COCO Bar Bistro

The Bread Box

Interior Mode


Royal Court Shoes



Budget Tyres

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