Now that we’ve all gone into food-related hibernation for the winter (ain’t nobody going to be seeing those summer bodies now), it’s time to stock up on the comfort foods and big tins of chocolates that get passed around all Christmas. But no matter which brand of chocolates it is, there’s always the sad, left [Read more…]

Leicester Beer Week – What’s On & Where!

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I hope you’re all as excited as I am about the upcoming Leicester Beer Week. Don’t fret, it’s only another few days to wait, and wow, are there some exciting events planned for it. So make sure you are in Leicester from 20th to 30th September, with cash in your pockets and wearing your drinking [Read more…]

Cured meats have traditionally been viewed as a European product, however, British Charcuterie producers are finally getting in on the action. There are now over 200 of them scattered across the country, many producing world-class products. You can even study Charcuterie at The School of Artisan Food based in Nottinghamshire. As September 7 is “Salami [Read more…]

Hats that add Style to Everyone’s Look!

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The right hat can totally transform your outfit into awesome. They are a fun, eccentric accessory that completes your look. September 15 is “Make a Hat Day”, the perfect time to bring out your creative flair and create a unique beautiful hat. Unless of course, you’re a little like me, lacking in creative flair and [Read more…]

A Love of Reading

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National read a book day is on the 6th September, and to me, this is probably one of the most important days on earth! (besides pancake day) Why? Because reading is like breathing! 7 billion people do it constantly, almost every second, every day of our lives. But now, it’s rare to find a true [Read more…]

#MondayMadness Competitions (July-Sept 2018)

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Welcome to #MondayMadness Competitions, where the prizes are a tad different, quirky, and a little “off the wall” If you haven’t already heard about Snizl’s #MondayMadness Competitions, you can read all about it here Here’s a list of all the Monday Madness Competitions we have launched to date; so if you haven’t already entered them, [Read more…]

Even if you’re a total Grinch and hate Christmas or a total recluse who doesn’t own a TV, the chances are that you still love Disney. Because we all do! It’s been going for many generations now and everything about it continues to be feel-good. Here are 7 reasons that we (and you) love Disney. [Read more…]

A Moment with T.M.Lewin

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Back in the bustling time of 1898 in London, Mr. Thomas Mayes Lewin found himself amongst the finest tailors. Innovative and aware of the magnetic pull of tailors to Jermyn Street, he opened the first T.M.Lewin store. Back then (over a hundred years ago), shirts didn’t have buttons down the front. So Mr Lewin invented [Read more…]