#MondayMadness Competitions (July-Sept 2018)

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Welcome to #MondayMadness Competitions, where the prizes are a tad different, quirky, and a little “off the wall” If you haven’t already heard about Snizl’s #MondayMadness Competitions, you can read all about it here Here’s a list of all the Monday Madness Competitions we have launched to date; so if you haven’t already entered them, [Read more…]


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Here at Snizl we really love competitions… and thousands of people across the UK are ‘really loving’ our competitions with prizes being awarded daily! So, we decided to spice things up a bit… I mean, we created this idea of putting lovely people and businesses together using fantastic competitions so why not stir the pot [Read more…]

National Competition Day

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#NationalCompetitionDay National Competition Day, created by Snizl, is the latest, (unofficial) holiday to add to your calendar. Taking place on the seventh day of the seventh month (7th July 2018), National Competition Day celebrates’ Snizl’s lovely, FREE competitions that support local business by giving away prizes galore. With over 150 happy winners so far from [Read more…]