Here at Snizl we really love competitions… and thousands of people across the UK are ‘really loving’ our competitions with prizes being awarded daily!

So, we decided to spice things up a bit… I mean, we created this idea of putting lovely people and businesses together using fantastic competitions so why not stir the pot a little. You’ve got to keep things fresh, right?


emoji face


Welcome to #MondayMadness – On Monday’s we will be posting a weekly competition; only the prizes will be a tad different. As much as you love £100 vouchers, Harry Potter board games and flat screen TV’s we have decided that Monday’s prizes will be a little bit more ’off the wall’.


monday madness


We are launching on Monday 16th July with a Signed World Cup Football  (signed by eleven randomly chosen England fans who work in Nottingham) then, quickly moving onto a pair of Wellies full of Mars Bars… I think you ’re getting the picture here.

So, keep your eyes peeled for our #MondayMadness Competition prizes and all we can say is.

‘We hope you like treacle, pomegranates and rubber ducks.’


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