National Curry Week Across The Midlands

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National Curry Week is an important period of time. The curry dish is widely appreciated all over the world and first took place in October 1998 founded by Peter Grove. The main idea behind National Curry Week is the vision of drive, awareness and appreciation of the ever-growing Indian┬árestaurant industry, whilst also raising funds for [Read more…]

Apple Day 2018!

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Pink Ladies, Granny Smith, Gala and Honeycrisp  – they’re all from the same fruit family. Some sweet, some bitter, some soft and some tart! The day of the Apple is upon us all, let the slicing, cutting and crunching commence! Apple Day is an annual celebration of the commonly known fruit which hangs from our trees [Read more…]

We’re Going Chocolate Mad for Chocolate Week!

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No matter religion, politics, culture or anything else that divides us, you can pretty much guarantee on one thing to reunite us; our love of chocolate. And from Easter to Christmas, it’s surprising how much we actually manage to weave chocolate into the fabrics of our lives. And while neither holiday would be complete without [Read more…]

7 Reasons to Love Disney

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Even if you’re a total Grinch and hate Christmas or a total recluse who doesn’t own a TV, the chances are that you still love Disney. Because we all do! It’s been going for many generations now and everything about it continues to be feel-good. Here are 7 reasons that we (and you) love Disney. [Read more…]

They’re two of the most popular football clubs and in modern years, have been subject to a classic football rivalry. The Rivalry Jose Mourinho (Manchester United manager) and Antonio Conte (Chelsea manager, up until a couple of weeks ago) have been locked in a rivalry since the years of their own football playing careers. With [Read more…]

Nottingham’s underground City of Caves

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Nottingham is a wonderful city, it may not be the easiest place to find a parking spot, but it does have some outstanding architecture and brilliant shopping. What most residents and visitors of Nottingham may not already know about though, is that there is a whole world of interconnecting caves running right below our feet! [Read more…]