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Super Entry: Win More Prizes Instantly

Compers far and wide, we’re now introducing Super Entry to Snizl.

We have a comping community on Snizl of over 400,000 people. Viewing, entering and most importantly winning incredible prizes.

We know that there’s nothing better than receiving free stuff through the post, so, to make it easier to get your hands on the free goodies posted to our website we’re introducing Super Entry.

But before we explain our fancy new feature, take a look at some of our Winners…

What does ‘Super Entry’ mean?

Super Entry allows you to increase your entries into a Competition on Snizl.

As a standard user on Snizl, entering Competitions is completely FREE to do. However, it does require you to enter our Competitions manually, one at a time valuing at 1 entry, with no extra perks.

With Snizl Gold, Snizl Users pay £2.50 per month to be entered into every single Competition on the website automatically and 10 times.

With Super Entry, there is no need for monthly payments as with Gold. You choose which Competition you want more entries into and the number of entries.

10 Extra Entries is 75p

20 Extra Entries is £1.50p

And finally, at the Best Value, 30 Entries is £1.99p

The Super Entry pop-up on a Competition Post will look like this
The Super Entry pop-up on a Competition Post will look like this

Head to the Competition you’re interested in, click to enter and choose how many extra entries you want to add.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Super Entered into your favourite Snizl Competitions.

For more releases and user updates, click here.

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