#MondayMadness Competitions (July-Sept 2018)

Welcome to #MondayMadness Competitions, where the prizes are a tad different, quirky, and a little “off the wall”

If you haven’t already heard about Snizl’s #MondayMadness Competitions, you can read all about it here

Here’s a list of all the Monday Madness Competitions we have launched to date; so if you haven’t already entered them, there’s no better time like the present!

#Monday Madness – WIN – Funny Warning Sign – Satisfying Poo

This week we are giving away this hilarious gag prize “Satisfying Poo” notice. One side reads “CAUTION DEEPLY SATISFYING POO IN PROGRESS”, with “GIVE IT 10 MINUTES” and a helpful illustration of a gas mask on the reverse side. The sign stands approximately 25 cm tall, making it perfect for keeping in your desk drawer or bathroom cupboard, ready for emergencies. Be poo-lite, and give others a heads up to keep their noses down! Enter Competition

#MondayMadness – WIN – Stress Bum

This week are giving away a cheeky prize, in the true sense of the word. When you’re stressed out there’s no better cure than squeezing a big juicy butt cheek stress ball. You can squeeze it, poke it, prod it, and crush it. This Stress Bum is perfect for those pain in the arse days!

Enter Competition

#MondayMadness – WIN – A Cure For Grumpiness!

Are you feeling a little grumpy on a Monday morning? – We have the perfect cure!
This week we are giving away a Cure For Grumpiness Mint Mouth Spray

Enter Competition

#MondayMadness – WIN – An Inflatable Zimmer Frame

This week we are giving away an Inflatable Zimmer Frame.
This prize is perfect for staging a practical joke for those approaching ages near the top of the hill.
If you have a friend or relative who tries to defy their true age, then bring them back to reality with this blow-up zimmer frame. It’s lots of fun, but just make sure that they don’t mistake it for a genuine Zimmer frame, otherwise, they may actually break a hip!

Competition Expired

Winner: Lorraine Wright

#MondayMadness – Win – A Bacon Wallet

This week we are giving away a meaty Wallet – That’s right, it’s a wallet disguised as streaky bacon. But relax, it’s faux leather so you can sleep easy knowing that no actual pigs were harmed making this product.

Competition Expired

Winner: Luke Mardellis

#MondayMadness – WIN – A Primark SMELLY WELLIE (a Wellie full of Smellies)

We can’t think of any reason why you would not need this in your life! It’s a spangly Wellington boot packed with Smellies..

Competition Expired

Winner: Jackie Foster

#MondayMadness – WIN – Allergy to Mondays Novelty Mints

These Allergy to Mondays Novelty Mints will give you the instantaneous cure for the Monday blues.

Competition Expired

Winner: James Jordan

#MondayMadness – Become a Millionaire (in Dong)

Who wants to be a Millionaire? Yes, you read that right! The Lucky winner of this competition will become an instant Millionaire. We are giving away 1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

Competition Expired

Winner: Mike Brees

#MondayMadness – WIN – A Pair of Tiny Hands

These novelty hands are elegantly small and are the perfect set up for all kinds of comedy. Why not wait until one of your friends makes a surprise announcement and clap your tiny plastic hands to your face in mock shock? We guarantee it’ll break the ice and lighten the mood! Alternatively, you could also try holding your pint with our tiny hands, although you’ll need plenty of practice to achieve this.

Competition Expired

Winner: Christine Olive

#MondayMadness – WIN – A Primark WELLIE full of MARS BARS

We can’t think of any reason why you would not need this in your life! It’s a spangly Wellington boot packed with Mars Bars… enough said.

Competition Expired

Winner: Sarah Fielding

#MondayMadness – WIN – A signed World Cup Football (Signed by Lovely Football Fans of Nottingham)

As we haven’t had a chance to meet up with the England squad since their return to England yesterday, (and as we don’t actually know them, probably never will meet up with them), we taught we’d get this World Cup Souvenir Football signed by 11 lovely Football Fans from Nottingham.

Competition Expired

Winner:  Kelly Flaherty

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