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7 Reasons to Love Disney

Even if you’re a total Grinch and hate Christmas or a total recluse who doesn’t own a TV, the chances are that you still love Disney. Because we all do! It’s been going for many generations now and everything about it continues to be feel-good. Here are 7 reasons that we (and you) love Disney.

1. It takes you back to childhood

There’s nothing quite like re-watching an old Disney classic and having it take you back to the very first time you saw it. That sense of nostalgia never really goes away and it just makes you feel young and happy all over again.

2. It has valuable life lessons

Sure on the surface, each film may seem like a happy-go-lucky sing-song number but each Disney film actually has valuable lessons about family, about dreams, about courage, about sacrifice and about the strength we each carry inside us!

3. The songs are amazing

Whether you’re a once-upon-a-dream or more of a I’ll-make-a-man-out-of-you, there’s definitely a Disney song out there that you just can’t get enough of. They’re just so catchy!

4. All ages can enjoy it

The really great thing about the films is that they’re so universal. An adult watching it for the first time is just as likely to enjoy it as a child would. Because there’s something in there for everyone and the messages they hold really do ring true for all of us. Plus, there are a few adult jokes secretly woven into most of them that the grown ups can laugh at while the children stay oblivious.

5. The theme parks are great

There are parks in America, France, Japan, Hong Kong and China and each one is just as amazing as the last. With roller coasters, parades and all the feel-good factor of the movies brought to life, you have to visit at least once.

6. It has characters you can root for

With a wide array of animal sidekicks, inanimate objects brought to life and handsome princes, the movies have characters that you can really root for. Plus, they all have some fabulous outfits that will have you sorted for Halloween, year after year.

7. It’s all about love

Love between princesses and princes, love between sisters, love between a girl and her kingdom, love between a girl and her father; the list is endless.

And as if that weren’t enough reasons to love Disney then we’re giving you 7 more! Tuesday 16th October marks 95 years exactly since Disney was formed and it will also be marking our 7th Disney competition! Starting on Tuesday 5th September, we’ll be adding a new prize each week to acknowledge our love of Disney (and of you guys of course).

All will end on Monday 19th October and winners will be announced the day after so be sure you’re signed up on the Snizl feed to be in with the chance to win!

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