A Moment with T.M.Lewin

Back in the bustling time of 1898 in London, Mr. Thomas Mayes Lewin found himself amongst the finest tailors. Innovative and aware of the magnetic pull of tailors to Jermyn Street, he opened the first T.M.Lewin store.

Back then (over a hundred years ago), shirts didn’t have buttons down the front. So Mr Lewin invented the ‘coat-shirt’. Not only were they way ahead of their time, but they’re also an older version of the shirts worn today!

Obviously, fashions have changed over the years but the T.M.Lewin qualities remain important; craftsmanship, quality, service and value. The high quality in their products is thanks to attention to detail. These extra design features are what really set them apart from their competitors.

Offering customers a choice of collar shape, cuff options and sleeve lengths, T.M.Lewin only use the best quality 2-fold 100% cotton in all of their shirts.

The real draw towards this brand is in its history. They even still use a lot of the traditional manufacturing techniques that they thought up back in the 1800s. That’s not to say that they’re old-fashioned though. Still with the innovative spirit that Mr Thomas Lewin had, their in-house designers are constantly coming up with new ideas. They create up to 100 new shirt fabrics every month!

From traditionally British to the contemporary man, T.M.Lewin cater for all occasions. They have also branched out from just the suits and now offer knitwear, accessories and outerwear. They’ve also created similar lines for women with an equally high-quality line of suits, shirts and dresses available.

Their business is now well beyond that of a single shop in London. T.M.Lewin now has just under 100 stores in the UK, with new stores opening in countries across the rest of the world, including Europe, Singapore and Australia. So whether you’re after a formal suit for a wedding, a new dress for work, a tweed jacket for a week in the country, or simply just a bow tie, they’ve got you covered! Discover them on Snizl now.

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