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A Love of Reading

National read a book day is on the 6th September, and to me, this is probably one of the most important days on earth! (besides pancake day) Why? Because reading is like breathing! 7 billion people do it constantly, almost every second, every day of our lives. But now, it’s rare to find a true bookworm! Yes, you might have read three or four and really enjoyed them, but with over 130 million books in the world, there’s many more ideas, fantasies and true grit to read…

For the love of a good book

There’s absolutely nothing like buying a good book at a discounted price and getting your nose stuck in, flicking from page to page, immersing your self into the author’s world, which your imagination makes your own.

We let our minds run wild when we’re actually interested in the book we’ve got in front of us. That’s just one of the things I love about reading. You can explore the depths of your imagination you didn’t even know you could, like your senses, emotions and memories.

When reading a detailed drama about boy meets girl, you might start to think about the mood, the weather, the rain droplets on the characters skin or the feeling of a hand against yours, and if it’s a gripping, true novel about a celebrities rocky past we may get the feeling of empathy, hope, love and joy.

Reading has absolutely no limits and its as broad as the earth’s sea. People enjoy reading all over the world for completely different reasons but did you know that’s it’s actually good for us… it may well be one of the best things for us, humans!

And here’s why:

1. It broadens your vocabulary in ways you can’t imagine. Today, our lives are filled with abbreviated text messages like ‘LOL’, but, what if we opened a book once in a while and kept filling our knowledge boxes with better words for laugh, and loud? We’d end up using words like chuckle and thundering, our communication broadens with every book we read, making talking to people out loud so much more interesting!

2. It makes us smarter! Reading the world’s novels fills us up with the knowledge we didn’t know, and might’ve never known before we opened the pages. Reading helps us have a better understanding of the universe around us, aswell as the people, beliefs, nature and more. Reading will help you in life indefinitely because it will make you a more open-minded, intelligent individual.

3. Reading a good book reduces stress. In your relationships or any other issues causing you to rip your hair out on a daily basis, it usually all floats away when you lose yourself in a great story.

4. Whenever we read a book, you have to remember a series of characters, events that are happening, their backgrounds and whom they are related too, therefore, you’re always exercising your memory, which makes expands it and keeps it broad.

Competition Time

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