Our Comping Community is Growing and Growing

Our Comping Community is growing like never before. At Snizl, we’re releasing new ways all the time for our loyal and new users to become Prize Winners of our famous, high-value Competitions.

Every month, we post a selection of Free Competitions to our website, and you guys love them.

With a high volume of users flooding the site each day, we decided to make the comping experience on Snizl a little more fun, entertaining and more like a community.

What did we do?

Once we had an insight into how many interested people wanted to be part of a community where winning high-value prizes was a very real and likely experience each and every month – we began swotting.

Why? To make Snizl the UK’s leading website for Free Competitions and unmissable Deals.

Incentive to share for Extra Entries

Firstly, we introduced sharing Competition Posts to social media channels for 2 extra entries.

This meant that a user could share their Competition Post of choice to a social media channel and receive 2 extra entries into the Competition.

This gave our users the opportunity to triple their chances of winning – And social sharers’ luck went up!

Increased the Value of Prizes

Next, we wanted to add more value to our Competitions.

Not only to grab more users attention and increase traffic to the wonderful website we’ve worked so hard to build but to offer goods that are more valuable to your guys’ lives!

We want to send out worthwhile prizes. Expensive tech. Seasonal must-haves and expensive goodies you otherwise wouldn’t purchase for yourself.

We wanted to become a beacon of excitement, with our loyal users knowing that by entering for a chance to win, they’re entering to win something that’ll make you say “OMG!” out loud!

Snizl Gold

Our biggest release yet for our compers on Snizl – we introduced Snizl Gold.

This is where our comping community really took off. With Gold, we offer our most invested compers the space to enter to win free prizes with a multitude of cool benefits.

They get Automatically Entered to win every single prize on the website as soon as they’re posted.

Get Automatic Entry on ALL Snizl Comps, plus 10x Extra Entries too!
Get Automatic Entry on ALL Snizl Comps, plus 10x Extra Entries too!

They also get 10 Extra Entries into every single competition, boosting their chances of winning every time.

What’s more? You get to take advantage of the Lifestyle Card. A discounts card worth £40.00 boasting 3000+ savings on food, retail and more.

Gold is the home for free convenient prize-winning.

Implementing Super Entry

Super Entry is our latest and most dazzling feature to become a part of the comping community on Snizl.

Super Entry allows Snizl users to be more specific about the competitions in which they want more chances to win.

Use the bright and handy new tool to decide whether you want 10 extra entries, 20, or 30 and Super Boost your chances to win your favourite prizes on the size!

The Super Entry pop-up for eager compers to win cool prizes!
The Super Entry pop-up for eager compers to win cool prizes!

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