Do you wish it could be Christmas Everyday?

The air is getting colder and the last leaves are falling from the trees. Christmas has already taken over shops with presents and cards being advertised everywhere. However, does that mean that it is time to get the decorations out and get your house ready for Christmas?

100 Days until Christmas

Christmas seemingly has become longer over the past few year. Now it seems as soon as Halloween finishes Christmas begins. Many people begin the countdown to the festive holiday 100 days before the proper day.

This has caused people to start to put up Christmas decorations in November. This is a change from the unofficial rule that you should put the Christmas tree and decorations up on the 13th of December. This is linked to the Christmas song the 12 days of Christmas.

However, despite this people have begun to hang up their decorations a month before the big day. Many people say this ruin the feeling of Christmas as it now goes on for a long time. However, the people who put up their decorations early argue they enjoy the feeling of Christmas and it allows them to celebrate it for longer.


Christmas Adverts

Many people put the blame on the shops for beginning to advertise Christmas very early. For example, you begin to see Christmas decorations in shops in very early November. Christmas adverts also now appear earlier in the year.

People argue that this is the cause of the early Christmas fever. Seeing Christmas in every shop and on television causes people to want to get involved and that all starts with decorating the house.

Christmas Shopping

A Christmas Conclusion

Christmas is a big time of year and decorating the tree begins it all. But different people want to start celebrating Christmas at different times. That isn’t bad it’s up to you when you want to begin.

Whether you put your Christmas tree up in November or in December it’s about celebrating this wonderful time of the year and enjoying Christmas with family and friends.

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