There’s been a re-Gin-eration of Britain’s favourite beverage!

The 900-year-old crystal clear beverage we know today as Gin is now Britains favourite!

2016 was officially described as ‘The Year Of Gin’ and rightly so. Since 2015, 49 Gin distilleries were opened in Britain and last year researchers show that us Brits drank over 1 billion G & T’s!

Lately, it has been rapidly climbing the popularity scale.

G & T Diet

But where did Gin come from?

Gin is made from juniper berries – which are not actual berries – but female pinecone seeds, which is why it has that grainy Christmas tree taste. The internationally popular and much more enjoyable form of vodka originated in Holland during their 17th century “Golden Age” and has been used for many things and enjoyed massively ever since.

Why has it only just become popular?

Well to tell you the truth, it hasnt. Gin has always been a popular spirit but its only because of the latest trends which involve it.  Bartenders now create gin cocktails, and martinis with different fruits to create a sweet or savoury taste.

Because of the wide range of tonic water available, which was the Indian discovery, a massive amount of people have taken a liking to the liquor with added sparkling tonic water.

Gin is the new Beer

Not only are there more tasty ideas to mix it with, but its considerably simple to produce too. One could say it would take the same amount of time to brew real-ale!

It’s also healthier. The healthiest booze you can find in fact! If you use a diet tonic water in your G & T its a maximum of 59 calories per glass… perfect for the dieters out there.

So the next time you’re out and want to see what all the fuss is about, order a gin martini… and don’t forget to ask for it “shaken. Not stirred”

“Shaken. Not stirred.” – James Bond

Here are some places where you can try a martini for yourself:


Nottingham Gin Festival 2017

Described in Timeout as one of the “Top 10 Things to do in 2016” the gin festival is back in Nottingham for plenty of gin-fueled fun. Local companies serve free tasters and over 100 types of gin and an absolutely unlimited amount tonic water will be supplied.


Be At One – Cocktail Bar

Here we serve sweet, sour and spicy cocktails. You’ll be amazed by our surprising inventions and you and a group can even get involved in our gin mixing masterclass!


400 Rabbits – Cocktail Bar

This hidden cocktail bar is tucked away in the glorious streets of Nottingham, serving up traditional tequila and mezcal cocktails, with a massive array of gins and other strong spirits.



Queen of Bradgate – Cocktail Bar

Here we don’t just serve ‘beer’. Our plan is to bring to you perfect cask beers and ales along with the most outstanding cocktails and a superb menu of freshly cooked food with a weekly dose of live music, all served up in a welcoming adult environment.


Manhattan 34

Manhattan34 takes us back in time to 1934, where we first saw the mass explosion of cocktail bars in America and socialisation and having fun was in it’s prime. The tasteful background and live music create a stylish atmosphere. The absolutely exceptional cocktails made from only the finest ingredients really make manhattan34 then next venue for your weekend plans.


33 Cankstreet – Jazz, Blues & Classic Cocktails

This bar became the hub for gossip and secrets. But it’s no rumour that they’re serving up some of the most inventive and exceptional cocktails we’ve seen.



45 West – Gin Bar

45 West is an independent bar boasting a carefully selected range of quality wine, premium spirits such as gin and Russian standard vodka and plenty of craft beers. We are the perfect venue for the real drinks enthusiast, from signature G&Ts to fine wines we have it all to discover, in every avenue.


Rowley’s Gin Bar & Wine Cellar

Passionate about everything we do and every choice we make, Rowleys only brings to you the best gin we can. Along with an amazing 4-floor venue with a different and exciting theme on each.



The Market Pub – Home of Gin

With more than 100 gins each year, our classic pub serves a huge ale selection, whisky and fine wine. The Market Pub also take pride in sourcing local food on several menus.


Junction Bar – Drinks and Cocktails

Junction bar’s aim is to shake up the Chesterfield drinks scene and nightlife. With a passion for drinking and socialising, we brought these two common grounds together to create stylish and sophisticated cocktails in a friendly and warm environment.



The Devonshire – Gin and Cocktails

Our gin & vermouth menu is made up of a selection of what we love and the same goes for our cocktail, beer & wine lists – in a nutshell, we have it all. Treat yourself to a late night tipple throughout the week and on weekends enjoy our resident DJ’s on until 3am, every Friday & Saturday.


Trippets Lounge bar – Champagne and Gin

Enjoy our ever increasing range of 7O+ gins in our chic, comfortable jazz lounge. Our drinksmiths are always happy to guide you through our Gin Bible and have even been known to give 1:1 tutorials!


The Botanist – Gin bar and Cocktail Specialist

Here we only serve gins discovered with the same passion and love that’s gone into creating them. We represent some of the finest examples being produced in the country today, all local to each of our sites that discovered them.



Hogarths Gin Palace

This former town centre nightclub has been absolutely transformed to become one of Stoke-On-Trent’s best gin bars, selling 120 types of the stuff!


The Orange Tree – Bar and Gin

Serving a wonderful selection of real ale, craft beers, fine wine and spirits, Orange Tree have all you need for a relaxing drink in Stoke.


Boston Brothers – Liquor and Cocktails

Individually styled bars with a global menu of comfort-food classics and nightly happy-hours serving whiskey, gin, vodka, beer and wines to everyone’s taste.


For more details about events, deals promotions and free competitions, visit our website at

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