Stoptober: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try It In 2021

Stoptober is a mass celebrated campaign that Public Health England runs for 28 days throughout the month of October. It’s to encourage Britain to stop smoking but to be honest, you could apply it to any bad habits or areas of your lifestyle that you want to change for the better. Smoking and drinking excessively […]


“Quick, To The Bar, It’s Stoptober!”

Yes, we know that title sounds a little funny, but it’s only because, on this month, Stoptober will be taking place for many people around us, in order for them to improve their health and relationship with drink and smoking to make a change that could stay for life! This October, it’s time to move […]


October 2017 Campaign – Going Sober

Go Sober this October! It’s a near revolutionary, nationwide 28-day stop smoking and drinking campaign, led by Public Health England. ‘Stoptober’ was founded in October 2012 with a long-term aim to support smokers and drinkers throughout England. Many people are right to feel proud this month. Astonishingly, 1 million people a year put down their cigarettes and stop drinking […]