October 2017 Campaign – Going Sober

Go Sober this October!

It’s a near revolutionary, nationwide 28-day stop smoking and drinking campaign, led by Public Health England. ‘Stoptober’ was founded in October 2012 with a long-term aim to support smokers and drinkers throughout England.

Many people are right to feel proud this month. Astonishingly, 1 million people a year put down their cigarettes and stop drinking in October, on a mission for a longer healthier life. A huge 350,000 quit attempts have been generated by Stoptober. Saving 10,400 life years in total!

From NHS Stoptober

If you want to improve your health, the full 28-day halt to smoking and drinking will undeniably help you quit.

This whole quitting journey is a huge movement throughout England. and with tonnes of support from the internet via apps, email and social media sites, many users of these life-threatening products find the motivation to give it up indefinitely.

Organisations involved for going Sober

there are specific organisations that base their October efforts on either smoking or drinking, ‘Go Sober For October’ is one of those. They donate all the raised funds to McMillan Cancer Support. With 76,765 known participants putting down the drink, ¬£1,851,379 has already been raised for people battling cancer every day. These two figures are rising by the minute…

Become a ‘Soberhero’ yourself! follow this link: to make a small donation and a big difference.

Go Sober for October

One of the leading risk factors for premature death is smoking. Smoking-related illnesses such as cancer kill around six million people a year. Campaigns on cigarette packet pictures have been effective in reducing this death rate but unfortunately, it’s not enough. Stoptober really reinforces the idea of stopping for good. By switching the negative harms to positive outcomes of quitting for the month.


A safer alternative to smoking is E-Cigarettes. The idea of these is that they’re not as harsh on your health as cigarettes. E-cigarettes are also used as a way to gradually come away from the addiction of tobacco. Customers can buy and choose the dosage and amount of tobacco in the E-Liquid. Therefore some people have taken it down every several months which has enabled them to become completely tobacco-free. They first made an appearance in 2003, long before the act of stopover in 2012.

Although, some critics are less enthusiastic about the idea of electronic cigarettes with experts suggesting devices pose threats of their own. The statistics that need reviewing are the health improvements of going from frequent cigarette use to E-cigarette use, which is why Stoptober is promoting the devices.

So why not stop yourself this October and Go-Sober!


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