“Quick, To The Bar, It’s Stoptober!”

Yes, we know that title sounds a little funny, but it’s only because, on this month, Stoptober will be taking place for many people around us, in order for them to improve their health and relationship with drink and smoking to make a change that could stay for life!

This October, it’s time to move away from alcohol – but with a twist. It’s time to indulge and take advantage of,  the magical wonders of a Mocktail!

Stoptober, created by Public Health England, is celebrated to try and help people around the UK and further, put a stop to smoking and drinking alcohol for the whole month. The aim is that if a person resists the urge to smoke or drink for an entire month, they will feel a massive increase in health benefits, and may even stop for good, helping to achieve a quitters goal.

There’s only one of each of us, so you need to look after yourself. The NHS has a website and quitting plans that are flexible enough and right for everyone, you can find those here.

The Beauty Of A Mocktail

What is the beauty of a mocktail? Some of us may think that because there isn’t any alcohol in a cocktail, there’s absolutely no point in buying one or drinking one! This is where you’re cheating yourselves – and your tastebuds –  of some seriously tasty mixology.

For one, Mocktails come in such different types and flavours, you can get the Nojito, the Virgin Mary, the Mockmosa and more… They’re packed full of delicious juices, sodas and flavours, without one drop of alcohol.

Another great benefit to mocktails is that they’re cheaper than normal cocktails too, so you can try and taste plenty more for your money!

Where To Find A Good Mocktail?

There are hundreds of brilliant and quirky bars dotted around the East Midlands serving some seriously good liquour free drinks, but we can’t fit them all in the list! So, here are our top 7 bars in Nottingham and Leicester serving up alcohol-free cocktails at all times!

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