Mexican food is delicious, we all know that. But what’s the best thing on the Mexican food menu? Well, that debate is another. The margin for Mexican food is HUGE, and there are so many traditional and modernised dishes we all enjoy. But, the one Mexican dish that can never go wrong, or never taste [Read more…]

Mission Burrito Release the Hottest Burrito Ever!!!

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The Mexican Restaurant, Mission Burrito in Leicester is well known for its burrito eating challenges, and this new challenge could prove to be the most notorious yet.     El Criminal, as it is called, is a colossal 5lb burrito; yes you did read that correctly – it is a humongous burrito, loaded with 3 [Read more…]

British Pie Week

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We Brits do love wholesome delicious pies, so much so, that every year we dedicate a whole week to them. And with British Pie week just around the corner, 5th – 11th March 2018, I thought I would do some research and seek out where you can get your hands on the ultimate pie perfection. [Read more…]

Dine within the House of Commons

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Wednesday afternoon. 1pm. In the House of Commons. Prime Minister’s Questions has just finished and around 650 MPs all file into the members’ dining room. This prestigious dining room serves “top end British cuisine” to your elected member of parliament made by top British chefs. This incredibly tasty food in such a magnificent location is only available to MPs and people working [Read more…]

Pho is a brilliant new Vietnamese restaurant located at the Highcross shopping centre in Leicester, and it’s proving to be extremely popular. Pho was first set up by Stephan and Juliette Wall as London’s first Vietnamese street food restaurant in June 2005 after they travelled to Vietnam and fell in love with the food there. Win [Read more…]

Restaurants open in Nottingham on Christmas Day!

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There’s only one way to avoid the chaos in the Kitchen this Christmas – eating out! It may sound untraditional and a task within its self, but with these pubs and restaurants, it does all the stressful work so you don’t have to! Dining out on Christmas day has become so much more popular in recent [Read more…]

Dining out on Christmas day is more popular than ever this year, so much so, that many places are already fully booked. Here’s our pick of pubs and restaurants opening on Christmas Day in Sheffield.   Restaurants open in Chesterfield on Christmas Day Restaurants open in Stoke-on-Trent on Christmas Day Restaurants open in Nottingham on [Read more…]