6 Mexican Restaurants In The East Midlands You Can Visit For Taco Day 2018!

Mexican food is delicious, we all know that. But what’s the best thing on the Mexican food menu? Well, that debate is another. The margin for Mexican food is HUGE, and there are so many traditional and modernised dishes we all enjoy. But, the one Mexican dish that can never go wrong, or never taste wrong, is the taco.

For anyone who has never tried a taco, it’s basically just a crispy outer shell, made of tortilla chip, rounded into a half, although with space in between for the tasty stuffed filling, whether that be pulled BBQ chicken, 5 bean chilli, spicy beef chilli, the list is endless, not to mention the 3 grated cheeses, salad toppings, and then the all-important guacamole and sour cream, placed together on a groovy taco rack…


(Oh, and if you don’t know what a taco rack is, we’ve got a brand NEW competition to win one, along with a kit to make your perfect taco, just click the link below and off you go!)

Taco Day 2018

It’s National Taco Day on 4th October 2018, and what a better way to spend it than going around the East Midlands and ordering some delicious tacos from Mexican restaurant menus. Here are 6 of the best Mexican restaurants you can visit, this National Taco Day:



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