Dine within the House of Commons

Wednesday afternoon. 1pm. In the House of Commons. Prime Minister’s Questions has just finished and around 650 MPs all file into the members’ dining room. This prestigious dining room serves “top end British cuisine” to your elected member of parliament made by top British chefs.

This incredibly tasty food in such a magnificent location is only available to MPs and people working in parliament. Well, this month that changes. Westminster has announced that “As part of a programme to increase public engagement with Parliament” they will be offering people the opportunity to dine within Palace of Westminster.

Palace of Westminster

Members’ Dining Room

The Members’ dining room is a beautiful room that was originally intended as a conference room. It is a splendid room that has exquisite detailing with amazing pictures that surround the wonderful room. With grand tables that can fit many people, it is a tremendous place to dine.

The House of Commons’ Members’ Dining Room will be open to people on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February and then the 4th, 10th and 11th of April.

The Strangers’ Dining Room

Originally a Peers’ committee room that was transformed into a beautiful dining room in the 1800s. It is used by guests to parliament who are referred to as “Strangers.” The room has some marvellous styling with beautiful artwork and wallpaper. It gives the room a sense of amazing grandeur and intrigue.

The Strangers’ Dining Room will be open on several different days over the next few months until July.

The Menu

The menu is expertly crafted by award-winning chefs that serve the Prime Minister herself. The dishes are made from the finest ingredients from across the United Kingdom. You can choose Lunch at a cost of £45 per person or dinner with a cost of £65 per person.

The Bar

You will enjoy a drink before the meal in the fabulous Pugin Room dedicated to Augustus Welby Pugin who directed the interior designs of the Palace. The bar is only available for the Members’ Dining Room dates.


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