10 Tips for Preparing to go Back To School

The kids are back in just over a week (maybe two depending on where you are in the UK – hang in there!) and we understand that it’s been a stressful few months. Life has changed as we know it but we want to make this important transition go as smoothly as possible, so, for […]


The new Zero-Waste organic store NADA is open for business in Leicester

The idea of today’s humanity producing zero waste is the optimum ideal outcome, to say the least. It’d be nice not to have polluted our oceans with bottle tops and carrier bags, but unfortunately, a fair amount of the damage is already done, that’s not to say we can’t still protect our earth and learn […]


The 7-day Prosecco Diet explained!

This Christmas, there’s no need to watch your alcohol consumption and feel guilty with every sip you take. Now, nutritionists and diet specialists claim that you can go on a 7-day Prossecco diet which will still keep off the pounds! Unfortunately, by “7-day Prossecco Diet”  I don’t mean just surviving on flutes of prosecco for 7 days over the Christmas period […]


Turns out Cheese is actually good for you… in small doses!

There’s been mutters lately that cheese is no longer ‘that bad’ for your health. Mutters from whom you ask? Well, the very professionals who claimed it wasn’t good for you in the first place; researchers, health specialists and dieticians. There’s no doubt that we as humans need dairy products in our diet, they’re an important part of […]