Beer Pharmacie is Coming to Syston

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Calling all beer fans in the Syston area! You’ll be pleased to know that the area’s first micropub is opening this week and it looks like it’s going to be a good one! The Beer Pharmacie cask and tap house is set to open on Thursday, December 20, in High Street, and it aims to [Read more…]

Welcome to Leicester’s Latest Cafe

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Calling all coffee lovers! If you’re in Leicester then there’s a new independent cafe that you’re going to want to hear about. Based on Charles Street, the charming Cafe Conexion is looking to get famous for the fact that the coffee that they serve, is roasted right there on the premises. The coffee is all [Read more…]

Protect The Planet With Your Present Choices This Christmas

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We can certainly all do our bit to help the environment and as part of our eco-friendly campaign, we’re looking to bring you all the very best companies that slot nicely in to this category. This week, we’re introducing you to a business that you’ll definitely want to know about over Christmas as, Protect the [Read more…]

Say Hello to the New Gin Distillery Powered by Wind

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Gin has really taken off again this year, with new flavours and botanicals being introduced and experimented with all the time. But one thing that tends to remain the same is the distillery process of a London Dry Gin (the base for most of the flavoured ones). However, there’s a new company, based in Leicestershire, [Read more…]

We all love a good takeaway right? Well if you’re not satisfied with ‘good’ and want only the best then you’ll need to head into Leicester as Doorstep Desserts has been crowned the best takeaway in the East Midlands. Housed on Madras Road, the award-winning takeaway picked up their new title at the British Takeaway [Read more…]

Leicester Launches a New Richard III-Themed Escape Room

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In recent years, escape rooms have become a highly popular activity, whereby a number of players are locked in a room and they must solve puzzles and work together in order to get out within the designated time allowance. Branches have been popping up all over the country and for lovers of all things haunted, [Read more…]

This brand new £38 anti-wrinkle serum has sold out before it’s even hit the shelves! It’s said to make you look five years younger in just 12 weeks and with the everlasting obsession with looking younger for longer it’s been a hit with customers. A waiting list has been gathered with almost 16,000 people wanting [Read more…]

Independent coffee shop opening at Fosse Park

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A new family run business will be opening at Fosse Park, Leicester on March 16. You can expect to see traditional Italian beverages such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with patisseries such as cakes, pastries and muffins. Valentina’s Coffe Bike is named after the owner, Edwards Busko’s daughters name Valentina-Lenor. The homely cafe [Read more…]