Top 12 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Deciding what to get the woman in your life for Valentine’s Day? Do you feel like she deserves something much more glamorous? Or are you at that stage where something small goes a long way?     We at Snizl believe that no matter how big or small the gift is, it’s the time you spend […]


The 7-day Prosecco Diet explained!

This Christmas, there’s no need to watch your alcohol consumption and feel guilty with every sip you take. Now, nutritionists and diet specialists claim that you can go on a 7-day Prossecco diet which will still keep off the pounds! Unfortunately, by “7-day Prossecco Diet”  I don’t mean just surviving on flutes of prosecco for 7 days over the Christmas period […]


12 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Women this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and if you havent already started, now would be a good time to think about Christmas gift Shopping. Here at Snizl, we’ve come up with a fantastic line up of 12 of the best gifts for the woman in your life.   For more deals, promotions, competitions and events, head to and […]