Our favourite Goth Bands

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World Goth Day is here. It’s a day for the gothic subcultures to embrace and show who they really are from the inside, as usually a generic part of their social group shy away from the public eye and feel much more at ease amongst people interested in the same things, like music, clothing, art [Read more…]

British Sandwich week is here (Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 May 2018) – a week-long celebration of the ultimate on the go food – The Sarnie! Sandwich, sarnie, baguette, cob, bap, buttie, or whatever you call it in your local area, the sandwich is possibly the most iconic British culinary invention ever. John Montagu (1718-1792), [Read more…]

Leicester Curry Awards 2018 finalists revealed!

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In Leicester, there’s plenty of history in Indian cuisine. And with curry houses, restaurants and takeaways dotted all over the city, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s a community built on spices and flavour. Pukaar News, based in Leicester, will present the 2018 Leicester Curry Awards on 22nd April at Athena in the city [Read more…]

National Samosa Week 2018

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Brought to you by the Leicester Curry Awards, National Samosa Week has been launched with the aim to encourage everyone to try, taste and enjoy the savoury bundles of joy, filled with some of the most exciting and delicious ingredients and spices from all corners of Asia. This is the first ever celebration of samosas in [Read more…]