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Best Places to get a Sandwich in Leicester and Nottingham

British Sandwich week is here (Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 May 2018) – a week-long celebration of the ultimate on the go food – The Sarnie!

Sandwich, sarnie, baguette, cob, bap, buttie, or whatever you call it in your local area, the sandwich is possibly the most iconic British culinary invention ever.

John Montagu (1718-1792), the fourth Earl of Sandwich ordered beef between two slices of toast, and the sandwich concept was born.

Today in Britain we buy over 3.5 billion sandwiches a year and if you’re a big sarnie eater like me, you’ll know that you can’t put your trust in just anywhere when searching for your lunch these days. I’ve come across some pretty nice bakeries, baps and cob shops along the way. But I’ve also come across some quite bland, dry and been-sat-on-the-shelf-for-6-days sandwiches too.

There’s nothing worse than buying a pre-made turkey and stuffing sandwich and being greeted at 1 o’clock with a rumbling belly and turning to it to keep you going for the rest of the day, yet finding on your first bite that it might have been turkey and stuffing one day, but it definitely isn’t anymore. You sit and chew as your taste buds try to determine at what time the dry whole grain bread absorbed all the moisture as now you’re left with a pappy, dry, pencil shaving concoction for your mid-day meal.

feeling rather aloof, you make a promise to your self you’ll never buy one of those triangular ‘WOW £1.29!’ corner shop sandwiches again. And here you are – browsing through this delicious list of the finest sandwich shops in Leicester and Nottingham.

Believe us! We’ve tried them…


Top places to get a Sandwich


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