Our Favourite Goth Games

by Molly Dixon

World Goth Day is approaching us. It’s a day for the gothic subcultures to embrace and show who they really are from the inside, as usually a generic part of their social group shy away from the public eye.

Events all over the world will be hosted with one thing in common, the grungy, dark culture.

But that doesn’t mean we have to celebrate World Goth Day in the same tone! There are some famously well-known games on the market you can buy and play including these wonderfully thrilling 10 listed below…

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Our 10 favourite Goth Games


01. Alice: Madness Returns

In Alice: Madness Returns, The Wonderland of her imagination has been mangled into a dark and demonic caricature, filled with even more torturous hallucinations than she last encountered.

Alice’s mind is a dark place indeed, and in this long-awaited sequel, we discover that the real world isn’t any sunnier. The game is best described as a psychological horror action-adventure platform video game and if that doesn’t help you figure out what emotions you’ll be feeling during gameplay than I’m not sure what will. The twisted setting and peculiar ideas of characteristics is sometimes chilling, yet gets more addictive the more you play…


02. Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

Gothic 3 is on our list because its a huge, lively environment which reacts to the player’s actions, creating a very intense and realistic atmosphere for all game players. 

The new state of the art technology is used to create amazing graphics and it has a brilliantly enhanced user interface. With the game, you’ll have 15-20 intense hours of play and the improved combat system with brand new rules leaves you with time to enjoy plenty of new weapons, armours, monsters and quests!


03. The Path

This short (and by short we mean it takes just 6 hours to complete) spooky video game is said to send thrills up your spine and into your brain! It stemmed from the children’s tale Little Red Riding hood and had been twisted and turned into something much more sinister and adventurous.

It’s difficult to know where to begin in describing The Path since it defies so many of the traditional conventions of video game making that it is impossible to find a pigeonhole for it. The game adopts a third-person perspective for the bulk of its six chapters and epilogue. In the main game, you are able to choose from six girls, ranging in age from nine to nineteen, playing each one in turn until you reach the epilogue, where you assume control of another character who shall remain nameless to avoid spoilers.

If you follow the game’s instructions and simply follow the path, when you reach the house, the game will tell you that you have failed the chapter, and return you to the starting apartment where you choose the character you wish to play. The purpose of this is to seed the idea that doing what you’re told is a recipe for failure and that you should think for yourself and take a wander in the forest… something your parents told you NEVER to do.

04. Hunter The Reckoning

In 2002, after the release, it was hard-to-put-down. The addictive and horrific game was plenty of fun. The hack and slash have never been seen like this previous and you truly feel like The Hunter. You as the player have the option to be 4 completely different characters with the capability of changing strengths, style, weapons and more.

The scenery is truly detailed and villains like zombies and ghosts never looked so good – attention to detail was evidently the key focus when producing this game. The soundtrack isn’t too offputting like some other games of the genre, it’s thrilling, heart-pounding and only pumps more adrenaline. Rated 10/10 on most gaming websites, this game is a force to be reckoned with.

05. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

This superbly mysterious video game is a 5-star cult classic. As a newly-sired vampire, you are put to trial by the Prince of the city for your sire’s wrongdoings. A lone voice spares you from the Final Death and you become a slave to the Prince’s plans.

As you venture your way through the different challenges you improve handy skills which help you to progress as a vampire in the city of LA.  Visit raves and explore the secret underground caverns of Downtown to seedy hotels and exclusive mansions on Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Strip. Embark on a variety of story-driven quests as you explore an open world filled with side missions, multiple paths, and strange denizens to interact with.

Yours is a living world, even though you cease to be.

06. Dark Souls

Prepare to die. Dark Souls demonstrates the brilliant work of series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki in the director chair, after focusing his attention on other PS4 exclusives, this story involves seeking out the remaining Lords of Cinder.

Miyazaki’s influence is felt almost immediately in the quiet simplicity of the opening area, the Cemetery of Ash, which introduces the game’s gorgeous panoramas of foggy, distant structures and gloomy stillness that is hiding an incredible unease from somewhere deep within. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here: This is Dark Souls.

07. Dream Of The Blood Moon

Dream of the Blood Moon, created by TheUnbeholden, is an indie horror title inspired by Slender series of games. Made using the Unreal Development Kit, the game boasts a unique experience, tons of scares, puzzle solving and quality graphics.

The extremely interesting gameplay and in-depth spooky tasks make up endless hours of great fun, and you’re guaranteed multiple plays out of it.

08. The Witcher

The Witcher has been one of the best role-playing games released for the PC over the past few years, but it did have a fair amount of technical bugs, long load times and poor voice overs and acting. The release of The Witcher Enhanced Edition most of these issues have been addressed with a fix or slight change making it one of our favourite fantasy goth video games around!

The Adventure Editor allows players to create their own quests or epic adventures and share them online. The ability to share user created content has the potential to offer a near limitless supply of new and unique adventures in the fantasy world of The Witcher.

09. Castlevania

The first thing you should understand about Castlevania is that it’s possibly not what you were expecting. The game sidesteps, to a large extent, the complex architectural level of design has helped to define the series.

You’ll still be unlocking new skills to open what amounts to a variety of different doors, engaging in a little light puzzling, and picking your way through environments that grow gradually more elaborate as you head deeper into the adventure. But MercurySteam, the series’ current custodian, has shifted the emphasis away from the detailed non-linear exploration of a single location in order to embrace an action adventure with a broader, but more straightforward, approach.


10. Batman: Arkham Asylum And Batman: Arkham City

In this thrilling and excellently put together video game, you’re in control. As you see the city of Arkham through Batman’s eyes you go on a journey to save day once and for all. With other villains from the likes of Harley Quinn and The Joker battling against you to do the worst imaginable, Batman’s task is to end the conflict, with the help of Catwoman and whilst saving Talia Al Ghul.

This was it. This was the perfect Batman game.


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