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The Goth subculture has been a prominent force since the early 80s where it first began. It has continued to grow with the help of movies and the amazing music that it spawns. However, one of the most underappreciated parts of the gothic subculture is the clothing and accessories that come with it.

Competition Time – WIN – Gothic Nevermore Compact Mirror

As part of our World Goth Day promotion, we are giving away this fabulous Nevermore Compact Mirror in our latest competition.

Gaze upon your mortal reflection under the scrutiny of Poe’s mocking Raven.

Designed in England by Alchemy
High quality, hand painted resin compact mirror
Shiny gloss finish preventing scratches
Edgar Allen Poe inspired

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The surreal designs create some unimaginable accessories based around such inspirations as the Day of the Dead, Steampunk and Victorian England which mix together to make such amazing pieces.

To celebrate Goth Day which is a day for the gothic subcultures to embrace and show who they really are from the inside, we here at Snizl have created a list of our 13-favourite gothic merchandise from around the UK.



This is an incredibly designed necklace that is absolutely breathtaking. The wonderful steampunk design of the classic moon necklace is simply stunning. The regular moon necklaces designs can be boring and stale however the detailing and overall design of the Lunatron is remarkable and would go well with any gothic outfit.


Find it here

Affiance Wrist Watch

This stunning wrist watch looks like it could have come straight from Wonderland. The beautiful gothic design is incredible, even the strap adds extra character to this superb piece. This is an amazing piece of gothic merchandise.


Find it here

SKULLS N’ ROSES Tote Shopper Handbag

This stunning bag stands out without the need for an outfit to go with it. The bag is 80s rock inspired and that comes out in full force with the beautiful design and colours coming together to make one incredible bag.


Find it here

Spiral Goth Wrap Victorian Biker Allover T-Shirt Top Tee

This awesome t-shirt is extremely detailed to the point where it looks so realistic and 3D. The steampunk biker look is overall outstanding and this shirt is truly a masterpiece.


Find it here 

Necessary Evil Artemis Black Velvet Gothic Drape Hoody

This awesome drape hoody looks awesome and would be a great addition to any outfit. The best part of this superb outfit is the pointed hood and ruffled cuffs which adds a lot of personality to this outfit.


Find it here

Alchemy Gothic Sacred Cat Hand Mirror

This breathtaking gothic cat hand mirror is excellently designed with amazing detail. This would also be a perfect ornament when it is not in use.


Find it here

Anahita Necessary Evil Pocket Belt

This incredible belt is both stylish and practical. A great gothic add-on if you don’t have pockets on your outfit or if you need a belt for support. Even if you don’t the alt style is ever present here with the two belt design making this a wonderful accessory to wear whatever the occasion.


Find it here

King Grinders Men’s Black Leather Boots

These boots are a great add-on to a gothic look. They add that extra something and styled alongside a trench coat these boots would look incredible. They are also comfortable and add extra protection with steel capped toes.


Find them here

Gothic Faery Dress

This absolutely beautiful dress is truly amazing. From the corset style bodice to the flowing black skirt which makes for the perfect gothic style dress.

Priory Coat

This awesome looking priory coat takes a lot of inspiration from 19th-century culture. It looks great flowing out and also buttoned up and gives off a great gothic vibe.

Find it here

Tightlace Corset Bangle

This Victorian goth inspired bangle is another piece of amazing gothic merchandise. The elegant design really burst out with beautiful carvings really bringing this design together.


Find it here

Anne Stokes Oriental Skull Umbrella

This beautiful umbrella is perfect to keep you looking gothic on a rainy day.  The wonderful patterns surrounding the skull give it a day of the dead vibe. A great piece of gothic merc.


Find it here

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