Our favourite Goth Merchandise

The Goth subculture has been a prominent force since the early 80s where it first began. It has continued to grow with the help of movies and the amazing music that it spawns. However, one of the most underappreciated parts of the gothic subculture is the clothing and accessories that come with it.

The surreal designs create some unimaginable accessories based around such inspirations as the Day of the Dead, Steampunk and Victorian England which mix together to make such amazing pieces.

To celebrate Goth Day which is a day for the gothic subcultures to embrace and show who they really are from the inside, we here at Snizl have created a list of our 13-favourite gothic merchandise from around the UK.


Goth Events

Favourite Goth Games

Goth Music

Goth Icons

The Anti-Joy of Goth

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