Halloween around the World

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays around the world with its popularity rising by the year. It is now the second most popular holiday in the UK and North America only being beaten by Christmas also being the second in terms of sales. It isn’t just about costumes and sweets however with many countries having different ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday.

Kids Halloween


Ireland is often agreed to be the place where Halloween started with many traditions also starting there. In Celtic times people use to gather around bonfires so they could scare spirits away.  This activity is still done today in Ireland. The Irish were also the first people to do trick or treating which is now one of the most popular activities done on Halloween. As well as this many Halloween games were first done in Ireland such as bobbing for apples.

Spain, Mexico and Latin America

As in many cases Spain, Mexico and Latin America use this day known as “El Dia de Los Muertos” to celebrate dead relatives. It is a 3-day event where families honour dead relatives in lots of different ways.

One such way is to create an altar in reembrace of the dead relatives. They will also go to the graves of dead relatives and make sure it is well maintained by cutting roots and laying down new flowers. This event is one of happiness rather than sorrow and is a way of bringing the family together.


In China, they celebrate a festive similar to Halloween called Teng Chieh. In this they offer food and drinks to spirits of dead family members this is to ready them for a journey. They then light lanterns for these family members and allow them to fly which is meant to resemble the spirits flying off for the year.

Chinese Laterns


Here they have rather a beautiful celebration of Halloween where they sit around a bonfire for the night to sing and be together and leave chairs empty for dead family members. This celebration often serves as a family reunion for people in Czechoslovakia as well.


If you are looking for something a bit closer to home check these events out:

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