National Samosa Week 2018

Brought to you by the Leicester Curry Awards, National Samosa Week has been launched with the aim to encourage everyone to try, taste and enjoy the savoury bundles of joy, filled with some of the most exciting and delicious ingredients and spices from all corners of Asia.

This is the first ever celebration of samosas in Leicester following successful events to do with pies, cheese and chocolate so it’s highly anticipated this year.

This year, from Monday 9th April until 13th April, the trending hashtag #NationalSamosaWeek will be soaring through social media as people get involved and enjoy the tasty little triangular parcels. There will also be multiple companies and charities getting involved to give National Samosa Week a little bit more impact.

All of the money raised from this mouthwatering week will be split between the charities LAMP, a Leicestershire independent voluntary organisation working to promote good mental health for everyone living in Leicester. And COPS, a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives whilst on duty.

Community services will be getting well stuck in too! Leicestershire police department will be celebrating on the first day, Monday 9th, at the Philips centre. They have decided to invite members of the public to celebrate the launch of this wonderful and cultural event happening this April.

Leicestershire Police Force

Getting involved

If you like the sound of getting involved with one of the charities- or both. Or just want to see what you can do to take part seeing as though you’re always the one ordering a veggie samosa off the menu when going out for an Indian, you can visit their website here.

Ways to help raise money include businesses getting involved displaying their favourite recipes for samosas or having samosa specials in their menus for a few days. For the public, you can enter prize draws and have a look around at Leicester National Samosa week pop-up shops.

Romail Gulzar, founder of the Leicester Curry Awards said: “Leicester is the home of the Golden Mile and is the perfect place to kick off the event due to its thriving curry culture. What better way to do it than to give the attention to this popular street dish, loved by so many of us.”

Romail Gulzar then said: “We want to encourage people all over the UK to buy or make their own samosas this week and sell them at work to raise funds for our nominated charities. If you’re feeling competitive, you could offer a prize for the best samosas, we think this could be the start of something really popular.”

This is a Nationwide celebration and it’s looking like its going to be a big success with everyone in Leicester, and beyond!


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