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Let the drinking be-Gin

After a steady night out in Nottingham turned into one much different after me and a few friends discovered the latest gin bar Gincident just off Friar Lane, which has a very industrialised yet sexy feel, I began to ask my self if gin is still the drink of the decade.

Gin has been in our glasses for over 900 years and lately, as a nation, we’ve been discovering new ways to make drinking savoury, and sweet with the low-calorie liquor.


Fever Tree tonic water inspired by Indian flavours has no doubt flew off shelves at supermarkets due to their unique blends and taste when added to gin.

One of our earlier blogs ‘There’s been a re-Gin-eration of Britain’s favourite beverage!’ describes to you all about the history of gin, why it’s so popular now and what other common alcohol it could be replaced with very soon!


But for now, it’s time to think about the distilleries opening in and around the East Midlands for our own gin consumption.

More distilleries and places to enjoy Gin in the Midlands

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