Last Friday was International Beer Day, and we Brits do love our Beer. You only need to look at the number of Beer Festivals held up and down the country, plus the increasing number of breweries popping up, to know how important beer is to us.     If Leicester isn’t already firmly on the [Read more…]

Beer Festivals 2018

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Festival season is upon us. Unlike, say, music festivals, beer festivals are hardly mainstream. When you think of beer festivals, you may picture balding men with beer-bellies wearing shorts and socks with sandals swilling beer in some local community hall. However, today beer festivals and real ale are popular with people of all ages and [Read more…]

Leicester Beer Festival

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The Leicester Beer Festival is just around the corner, and this year Real-Ale lovers are in for a treat. Not only is the CAMRA Beer Festival moving into an exciting new venue in heart of the city, but there is also a Fringe Festival happening at some of Leicester’s best-loved Real-Ale pubs     Haymarket [Read more…]

This Is How YOU Can Help Save Real-Ale Pubs !

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As well as tasting delicious, drinking Real-Ale helps the local economy. Every time you guzzle down a pint of your favourite tipple, you are giving our booming brewing industry an additional boost. This helps to create jobs and keep our pubs open. 70% of real ale drinkers understand the pivotal role cask ale plays in [Read more…]