Beer Festivals 2018

Festival season is upon us. Unlike, say, music festivals, beer festivals are hardly mainstream. When you think of beer festivals, you may picture balding men with beer-bellies wearing shorts and socks with sandals swilling beer in some local community hall.

However, today beer festivals and real ale are popular with people of all ages and walks of life. If you look at the sheer number of beer festivals taking place over the year, you will see that their popularity is enormous, with an ever-expanding variety of ales, ciders, and beer types including the recent very popular craft beers.

It’s fair to say that we Brits love our beer, and beer festivals are an important part of British culture.

Beer festivals are not just about beer & Cider, they are a great social event incorporating a fantastic array of quality food, live music, and much more.

We have compiled a list of Beer Festivals happening across the UK throughout 2018.








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