Scam SMS & Emails: A Technological Epidemic

‘This is a message from DPD: Your parcel cannot be delivered until you pay the outstanding fee. Click here to pay it (insert dodgy link which asks you to input your card details)’. Sound familiar? Hundreds of thousands of us around the UK and beyond play victim to this method of deception every single day. […]


6 Wearable Bits of Tech Everyone Should Have

The manufacturing of wearable technology and all new ideas about whats coming next are expanding at a rapid speed. We’re not just talking about sweat proof socks and the latest IPads anymore, we’re talking about pieces of technology that will help us to improve our everyday life, without having to mess around with any toggles, […]


British Science Week 2018

British Science Week 2018 is a highly anticipated and an exciting 10-day celebration. It aims to celebrate all sciences and their importance in our everyday lives providing people of all ages across the UK to take part in science, engineering, maths, technology events and activities! The main aim is to stimulate figures in our society such […]