British Science Week 2018

British Science Week 2018 is a highly anticipated and an exciting 10-day celebration. It aims to celebrate all sciences and their importance in our everyday lives providing people of all ages across the UK to take part in science, engineering, maths, technology events and activities!

The main aim is to stimulate figures in our society such as teachers, professional science communicators and more to perform and participate in science events and activities to help create a wider understanding and enjoyment of science. Anyone can host an event and also anyone can take part in pre-existing events.

Citizen Science

Citizen science is where the general public is encouraged to get involved and collect data as part of a collaborative project usually ran by scientific professionals. This year’s Citizen Science partnership is with a project called The Plastic Tide, from Zooniverse. They’re encouraging people globally to take pictures of non-recycled plastic floating a stray in natural waters and seas to really get the message out about the plastic pollution that’s happening right now.

As we all know, the oceans are massive, pulsing and powerful bodies of water that serve humanity in hundreds of ways, from providing food to just being a beautiful scenery. But these oceans and the marine life are not invincible. Each year, the plastic and materials we dump into the ocean terrorise everything that depends on these waters.

At least 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year and over 100 million marine animals are killed due to plastic debris.

Plastic in the ocean

This project is important and Zooniverse is asking you to “train our algorithm to automatically detect plastics and marine litter on beaches” by taking pictures of plastic you find and ‘tagging’ them which will eventually help scientists and professionals to monitor and calculate how much plastic is being thrown in our precious waters. To get involved, click here!

Run The Deep

Following British Science Week’s highly popular virtual race, ‘Run the Solar System’, where people could download the app and sign up during last years British Science Week and walk, run or race through the different levels in order to play a virtual reality of outer space and get fit, this year, the virtual race will be ‘Run the deep’ – connecting with the connotation of water.

It’s available for anyone to take part and runners and racers will be put on a live leaderboard for participants to view their performance. Packs will be available to buy along with a certificate and booklet with an interview with Pierre-Yves (the famous explorer) himself.


Activity Packs

Activity Packs have a theme each year. For 2018 it’s ‘exploration and discovery’ they’re running live now and the main agenda is to get young people to think about everyday discoveries and how it affects their lives and the people around them. Find the 2018 Activity Packs below:

Exploration and Discovery Poster Compeition

This year, based on the exciting theme, there will be a poster compeition being held with an array of prizes to be won! Students can make their poster about anything to do with exploration and discovery and the best 5 posters from schools can be neteretd into the UK-wide compeition.

Last year around 13,000 individuals took part and a panel of judges will select the best, most creative posters. British Science Week’s partners, Guniess Worl Records, have put together some wonderful ideas that will spark anyone’s imagination, click here to see!

For more information about the competition and for the form to enter, please visit this link.

British Science Week Poster Competition

Events for British Science Week in the Midlands and South Yorkshire

It’s your time to get involved, view the events below

For other events around the country, please click here!


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