The 12 Best Easter Eggs for 2018

Easter is a festival and holiday that occurs every year in April. The traditional celebration is to recognise Jesus and his resurrection from the dead, and today, we celebrate with Chocolate Easter Eggs, eating hot cross buns and giving gifts to loved ones and friends.

This newer tradition isn’t so new though. Dating back to the 19th Century, Germany and France took a new lead in this artistic confectionary with success of moulding chocolate in the shape of an egg, which we still see today sitting on our supermarket shelves boxed up ready to enjoy on Easter Sunday.

From Cadbury to Mars, Lindt to Nestle. The big brands never fail to disappoint when Easter comes around, and although it’s nice to be able to pick up 3 Easter Eggs for £10 down at your local Tesco, there are some stunning new Easter Eggs that just look too good to be eaten this year.

The Top 12 Best Easter Eggs for 2018

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