Top 12 UK Family Easter Traditions Revealed

Have fun with your family each and every year by keeping your Easter traditions alive, and someday your kids will be passing them down to their own children. 1. Easter Eggs This tradition goes all the way back to a time before Christianity, symbolizing spring, fertility, and new life. Originally hard-boiled eggs were exchanged as […]


The 12 Best Easter Eggs for 2018

Easter is a festival and holiday that occurs every year in April. The traditional celebration is to recognise Jesus and his resurrection from the dead, and today, we celebrate with Chocolate Easter Eggs, eating hot cross buns and giving gifts to loved ones and friends. This newer tradition isn’t so new though. Dating back to the 19th […]

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Now Easter can be just as much fun for adults, with new alcoholic Easter Eggs!

We all know the rush of Easter is about chocolate eggs, spring chickens and Jesus being reborn. But these companies are turning the tables slightly for all the adults involved. Yes, it must be rewarding watching your son or daughter find their Easter eggs on the Cadbury Easter egg hunt, but when you get home and […]