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Now Easter can be just as much fun for adults, with new alcoholic Easter Eggs!

We all know the rush of Easter is about chocolate eggs, spring chickens and Jesus being reborn. But these companies are turning the tables slightly for all the adults involved.

Yes, it must be rewarding watching your son or daughter find their Easter eggs on the Cadbury Easter egg hunt, but when you get home and it’s time to relax, this new alcoholic egg idea will make Easter just that little bit more exciting for the 18+ members of the family.

But, does an alcoholic easter egg take the novelty away from easter? are we just going OTT as a country to try and make everyone a consumer? I wouldn’t have thought so, seeing as though the residents of Jerusalem probably celebrated by drinking traditional red wine when they heard Jesus rose again rather than a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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We have lots of great giveaways in our Easter Competitions, so what are you waiting for. Good Luck and Happy Easter from all of us at Snizl!

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