National Curry Week Across The Midlands

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National Curry Week is an important period of time. The curry dish is widely appreciated all over the world and first took place in October 1998 founded by Peter Grove. The main idea behind National Curry Week is the vision of drive, awareness and appreciation of the ever-growing Indian restaurant industry, whilst also raising funds for [Read more…]

Our favourite Goth Merchandise

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The Goth subculture has been a prominent force since the early 80s where it first began. It has continued to grow with the help of movies and the amazing music that it spawns. However, one of the most underappreciated parts of the gothic subculture is the clothing and accessories that come with it. The surreal designs [Read more…]

Music Festivals 2018

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All hail festival season. From house music to rock’n’roll, pop music to grime, r&b to funk. There’s nothing quite like it. If there could be a rule which everyone in their early 20’s should do, it’s no doubt experience a music festival. Not only does it reassure your faith in humanity but it might just change [Read more…]

Nottingham Poetry Festival 2018

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Since 2016 the Nottingham Poetry Festival has been a massive success and now in its third year, the line-up for this year’s festival looks fantastic. The wonderful festival starts on the 20th of April and will last 10 days with a preview happening on the 5th of April. A whole host of writers and poets will be [Read more…]

Food Festivals 2018

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Food glorious food! A delicious snack or a scrumptious roast it doesn’t matter because we all love food. So, what better way to get excited about our food than to visit a glorious food festival. Now, food festivals take place across the world from Nigeria to Australia and the USA to the UK giving you a brilliant [Read more…]

Farmer Markets 2018

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A visit to a Farmer Market is a delight as you know that you are browsing foodstuffs that can go from field to fork without ‘conglomerate’ food processes, packaging or transport interference. What you see is what you get and the produce could easily have been in the ground that very morning. Farmers markets have been [Read more…]