Suffering From Low Moods During Lockdown? Try Gardening!

There are many people feeling the effects of lockdown mentally and may be thinking about hobbies to help mental health. We want you to know that admitting you’re struggling is not a weakness, in fact, it’s the first step to relieving that weight off your shoulders and moving onwards and upwards with your life.

Gardening is something that can help you do this. Getting outside and feeling the sun on your skin is a mood booster in its-self, having a project or hobby you can return to day after day while setting goals and targets is a fantastic way of managing your mental health while at home.

(If you don’t have a garden visit our blog listing 4 Top Online Gardening Stores Who Deliver and order a houseplant or two. Look forward to having the responsibility of keeping it healthy each day. Place it near a window, water, feed and snip it. Take pride in the little things).

Gardening Has Been There For Us For Decades!

You may not have realised, but gardening has been there to save the nation mentally and physically in so many different ways throughout the years. When agriculture first came along our ancestors worked in the fields to produce crops so that we’d have things like cabbage, corn, maise and lettuce in our pantries. During the Great World Wars, our grandparents and great grandparents would grow potatoes, peas, carrots and radishes in their gardens and allotments due to rations being so scarce.

Gardening and growing homemade produce has been and is very popular among the whole population and now that great suffering floods the world due to Coronavirus, it’s back once again to save us not only physically by keeping us fit, occupied and full of vitamin D, but mentally too!

Wheel barrow full of plants and gardening supplies

How Will Gardening Improve My Mental Health?

Gardening is a great way to keep our bodies active during a time which for some of us hinders how active we are in a day. Mentally though, gardening does so much more. Gardening helps our brains to focus on a specific project. Having tasks and goals to set your self each day and getting up at a reasonable time to complete them creates structure in your life.

Humans need structure to function correctly. You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and if it’s raining it’s ok to stay on the sofa. But when the sun is shining like most days recently, it’s important you go outside and get some fresh air while having a hobby you can frequently come back to.

Woman Gardening in the evening

Gardening is a great way of relieving stress and worry. Your mind is occupied on weeds, gorgeously scented flowers and veggies, rather than negative feelings and emotions you may be having which are heightened by the news or social media. Switch the telly off, put your phone down and get your trowel out!

Working out or scrubbing the floors may be getting repetitive, or it might not be your thing at all, and that’s fine because gardening engages all parts of your body and is great for all ages!

Lather the children in sun-cream and have them outside helping, it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Apply For An Allotment!

If you enjoy gardening or don’t have a garden yet still want to take up gardening, why not apply for an allotment so you can continue your journey when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

You’ve Convinced Me! Where Do I Start?

Visit our short blog listing 4 Top Online Gardening Stores Who Deliver and have all the equipment, seeds and bulbs you need delivered straight to your door!

If you or someone you know are struggling and feel it’s too much to cope with, call the Samaritans FREE on 116 123 at any time. Or, visit the NHS website guiding people through coping mechanisms for their mental health.

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