4 Exciting Drinking Games To Play With Friends Over FaceTime!

So it’s your best-friends birthday this week and rather than going out to a restaurant or a few bars to celebrate, recent events mean you and your friends are going to prop your phones up and enjoy a few gins and a giggle over FaceTime (RIP Houseparty).

In this blog, we’re going to help you have maximum fun despite the distance with 4 Exciting Drinking Games To Play With Friends Over FaceTime, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Zoom and more!

Never Have I Ever

A classic. This is a great game because it’s really diverse. You can play it in person, but also through a video call. You can ask cheeky questions about your friends’ personal lives or you can keep it clean – no matter what, we’re sure you’ll be tipsy by the end!

Go around the group each taking turns to say ‘never have I ever… sneaked out’ if you have you take a sip.

Write a Personalised Quiz For The Birthday Girl/Boy

This is a great game to play because it’ll show who your real friends are (sorry, not sorry).

Get a pad of paper and a pen and start writing down questions based around your friend or friends. If you need help choosing questions scroll through their Instagram or Facebook photos, this should give you ideas of what to base the quiz questions around! Have 5-10 questions so it’s not too short or long. Total up who got the most correct answers at the end, then reward them with a prize! It could be an old sock or even a bottle of wine. Get creative with the questions and have at least 3 optional answers with 1 being the correct answer.

Top Tip: To make sure contestants don’t cheat, have them text you their answer as soon as you’ve asked the question!

Man dancing in self-isolation

Drink Every Time

Does the Birthday girl/boy love a particular comedy movie? Gather round FaceTime and switch on Netflix. Choose a specific word and every time you hear the word, take a sip. Pretty soon you’ll be in stitches of laughter!

Mix It Up: As an alternative to sipping when you hear a word, choose a character or image!

It’s a hilarious game perfect for night time celebrations over the phone.


Remember High School Musical? Stupid question, how could you forget! Get everyone up and dancing to the routine for an active and hilarious way of celebrating with friends. It’ll take you back to the good old days and you’ll have some serious fun you wouldn’t usually have.

If you’re not a fan of High School Musical, you can choose any film or musical, like Greece, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing and more. Or, simply play a live stream of your favourite DJ and have a groove.

Woman with a glass of champagne while in self-isolation

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