Three Pointers- The Best of Basketball Films

Sports films have that certain charm to them. They inspire us with these completely unrealistic but quite often true stories. The best of these films are basketball films with their powerful stories and amazing performances by actors in them. There have been many great Basketball films and we will talk about some of the best.

Basketball Film

White Men Can’t Jump

A hilarious film made in 1992 is a great comedy that also highlights how people can be judged for having on race. The film is about a former basketball player called Billy Hoyle who hustles streetball players who believe he isn’t a good player as he is white. He meets a skilled basketball player called Sidney Deana.

They work together to earn money against other streetball opponents whilst maintaining a small rivalry with each other. It earned many plaudits for funny humour and the clever script and the great performance of the lead actors. The film is still quite popular today for its humour and is a cult classic and earlier this year it was announced there would be a remake of the film.


Coach Carter

A true story about a high school basketball team in America. This 2005 film is based on the true events that happened in 1999 at Richmond High School in California. Ken Carter was a former player for the school’s basketball team and came back to coach the team. He finds the team are disrespectful and in need of discipline.

The film follows Ken Carter trying to get the basketball teams to learn more and change their life for the better. The film is one of the best-reviewed biopics and lots of pundits went to Samuel L. Jacksons performance in the film as Coach Carter.


Space Jam

Perhaps the most famous basketball film ever, Space Jam mixes the weird and wacky world of Looney Toons with arguably the best basketball player of all time Michael Jorden. It focuses on the Looney Toons who are visited by aliens who challenge them to a basketball game. The Looney Toons recruit Michael Jorden to help them win and get rid of the visiting aliens.

The film is extremely funny for kids and has become a cult classic with adults even with less than favourable review. It is also the highest grossing basketball film of all time and won several awards.

Jump Basketball


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