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Why Has Disney Been So Successful?

Thanks to the Age of Information most of us know a bit about business; we have a rough notion of the meaning of ‘turnover’ and ‘expenditure’, and experience at first-hand a company’s changes to its ‘product lines’. We also have an idea about what makes one tumble or thrive, and every so often we see […]

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Top 5 Films of 1993

Our top 5 films of 1993. Do you agree? (Wins every year this!) 1. Groundhog Day 2. The Firm 3. Jurrasic Park 4. The Fugitive 5. Schindler’s List


Our Customers Christmas Movie Favourites!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… especially on the TV. We’re seeing festive adverts and movies on at all times of the day to remind us that Santa is just around the corner… So we asked some of our lovely Snizl customers what their all-time favourite Christmas Movies are, and the responses were […]


Three Pointers- The Best of Basketball Films

Sports films have that certain charm to them. They inspire us with these completely unrealistic but quite often true stories. The best of these films are basketball films with their powerful stories and amazing performances by actors in them. There have been many great Basketball films and we will talk about some of the best. […]