Our Customers Christmas Movie Favourites!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… especially on the TV. We’re seeing festive adverts and movies on at all times of the day to remind us that Santa is just around the corner… So we asked some of our lovely Snizl customers what their all-time favourite Christmas Movies are, and the responses were not surprising!

The Joined Up Network – Home Alone

It’s an all-time favourite. Carla Bent, the owner of The Joined Up Network said without hesitation “Home Alone” To which I asked “1 or 2” Carla replied with “1. Obviously. It’s just such good fun and such a family classic!” It seems young Macaulay Culkin stole everyone’s hearts from the start… Merry Christmas ya’ filthy animal!

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Interior Mode Ltd – Die Hard

‘Die Hard’ is Mike’s favourite, from Interior Mode Ltd!

When we spoke to him he replied with “I don’t know if other people would agree or class it as a Christmas film. But its definitely my favourite. It’s so amazingly made and a Christmas Classic in my eyes.” There’s been a debate for a long time weather Bruce Willis’ Die Hard is an official Christmas Film or not, but when it comes down to it, it’s definitely one of the greatest festive movies of all time.

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The Bread Box – The Snowman

We spoke to Scott, owner of The Bread Box.

He told us “I’m not sure why The Snowman is my favourite Christmas film, it’s just a great story and gets you in the mood” Some films do have that effect, once you put it on, it already feels like Christmas day. The Snowman is a wonderful adaptation of a book where a young boy builds a snowman which comes to life and takes him to the North Pole to meet Santa himself! Every child’s dream for their snow sculpture.

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Trio – Home Alone

Next, we spoke to Lindsey Kenney, owner of Trio. Who shares a love for Home Alone with some of us at the Office!

The bratty little blue-eyed boy Kevin McCallister, acts out on a night before the family are meant to leave for a Christmas vacation and gets sent to the ‘3rd floor with fuller’. His parents mistakenly forget about him and he’s left home alone just before Christmas with two scary but clumsy robbers targetting the family home so Kevin has to protect the McCallister residence!

Lindsey said “I really love Home Alone because… well everything about it, the jokes, the actors… It’s just really funny”.

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Carlton Estates – Miracle on 34th Street

We spoke to Sam Carnall, the owner of Carlton Estates, whose favourite Christmas Film is Miracle on 34th Street!

This movie is an absolute Christmas Classic. Edmund Gwenn (who plays Kris Kringle) fills in for a drunken Santa Clause in Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade. He impresses all of the audiences and is soon appearing all the time in the chains the main store, but when he starts to claim he really is Santa Clause, it leads to a court case to determine if Kringle is in fact, Father Christmas. Sam told us “I watched this film every year at Christmas growing up and I suppose it’s just stuck with me. That’s why it’s my favourite!”

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Mangobean – Die Hard

We spoke to Rhys Davies, the owner of Mangobean, whose favourite film is ‘Die Hard’!

This film is brilliant, set on Christmas-Eve, John McClane is an officer of the NYPD and tries to save his wife when the festivities are disrupted by a group of terrorists who take over a high-rise in Los Angeles. Davies said, “It’s a film I grew up with and I really enjoy watching it around the Christmas Period”.

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