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Day of the Dead – UK Tour!

The Day of the Dead, also known as All Souls Day and Dia de Muertos, is a widely celebrated tradition in Latin America and Mexico on November 2nd every year. The particularly interesting holiday collides with another on the 1st November, called All Saints Day. The indigenous people have combined both of these traditions in honour of their deceased loved ones.

Day of the Dead Celebrations

The people of Mexico and Latin America believe that the gates of heaven open at midnight on October 31st. And the spirits of the dead angelitos (children) have access to spend 24 hours with their long lost families. Festival food, fun and celebration is prepared for the deceased and on November 2 spirits of the adults come down too.

The Day of the Dead is a very costly holiday for the rural-based indigenous families. Many spend around two months worth of wages and income to fund this preparation of honour to their dead relatives. The native people believe that the good spirits will administer and equip the living families with good luck, intelligence and protection.

For around 3,000 years, the celebration of death with ancestors has taken place. And traditions have become increasingly more positive, vibrant and colourful. The decoration of the skulls emerged around 300 years ago, having on them the names of those who had passed away. As the years have gone by, the designs have become more intricate and complex.

Day of the Dead On Tour in the UK!

These celebrations have lately spread. As students and communities of Mexican heritage are coming together to bring the tradition to the UK. Many people have taken a liking towards the celebration and we are now seeing Europe adapt and celebrate the dead.

Day of the Dead UK Tour is coming back again in 2017 and has been here since 2013. The makers of the celebration have seen an explosion in popularity, meaning that this year it will be even bigger! With a carnival-like atmosphere, candy skulls and real Latin American traditions bursting out everywhere.

Music, celebration and carnival-like events will be coming to a city near you. Cities hosting Day of the Dead are places like Norwich to Chester, York to Sterling the list is endless! So if you want to get involved and celebrate this historic yet remarkable tradition, there’s no time like the present! Get your tickets here today…

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