It’s starting to get darker and colder outside and that can only mean one thing Winter is coming. With Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, it is starting to feel as if it will be Christmas soon. However, before we can start getting the decorations out there is one more event that is taking place and that is Movember.

That’s right the time of the year where men who really shouldn’t have moustaches grows a moustache. But why is this an event and why do it?

Movember Man and Boy

The Charity

Movember may seem like just an event that happens every November but it’s much more. Movember is a charity that works all year round to help extend the life of men around the world. They try to help men suffering from mental illness, prostate illness or testicular cancer. These are all important issues that many men suffer from every day.

The charity was set up in 2003 in Australia as 30 people challenged themselves to grow a moustache for a month. The following year it gained popularity and people were asked to donate money that would go to a charity in Australia helping men with prostate cancer.

The campaign grew and grew until they gained charity status and went worldwide. This leads us to today where all year round they try to raise money for men with illnesses around the world from Africa to your hometown.


Those who need help

All this is for a great cause. Men who are ill around the world get so much out of the money raised by the Movember charity. From men who can’t afford professional help if they suffer from mental illnesses. To other men in Africa who may not have any medical services nearby to help them if they have testicular cancer. This charity helps these men by getting them the help they need to survive.

These awful things can happen quickly and affect a person’s life for so long. Many men just need the help provided by this charity to survive and it’s only through you that they can do this.

Kid Movember


So, what can you do to help? Well, firstly you could donate to this wonderful charity. It is that simple the money you donate goes straight to men in need. You can also take part in Movember this month and set up a page where your friends and family can sponsor you for the month. Even spreading awareness would help so much. Please do what you can for this amazing charity.

To take part in a Movember Event follow this link: 

To donate to Movember follow this link:

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