You sent in pictures of your pets for World Animal Day!

World Animal Day is a global celebration of our four and two-legged friends on this earth. It’s a social movement charged with the mission of raising the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the world. We at Snizl are animal, wildlife and agriculture mad so this year we’re doing our part […]


10 Eco-Friendly Household Products to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

It’s important to look after our Earth, that’s why the topic of fighting climate change, become eco-friendly and reduce our carbon emissions has been an increasingly common denominator amongst the majority of people in the community. 8 million metric tonnes of toxic plastics are entering our oceans each year and pose a huge risk to […]

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3 Cheers for Dog Appreciation Day

It’s an old age debate and one that doesn’t look set to be settled any time soon; cats or dogs? There have even been friendships and relationships ended over the wrong answer to the ‘are you a dog or a cat person’ question. But here at Snizl, we just love animals. Over the last two […]