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How to Lose Lockdown Weight ready for Summer 2021

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So restrictions are ending, Summer is right around the corner. The birds are tweeting, days are getting longer.

Life is looking up.

But then, you look down at your stomach and get a glimpse of your relaxed-self in the reflection of the soon-to-be-abandoned TV. You’re worried.

Not only because of the realisation that soon life will merge back into the ‘new normal’ but because, due to the abundance of time spent at home, eating one too many pancakes and drinking a little more wine than usual, you’ve put on a slight bit of extra timber.

Now it’s okay – do not panic! It’s expected.

We’ve been in our homes for nearly a year now so we promise, no one is judging too harshly, you were following the rules and abiding by the law.

It was essentially illegal for you to do anything other than binge bad daytime TV and work in your PJ’s.

But, for that extra bit of confidence and a spring in your step come Summer, you may be looking to drop a few pounds and tone up – to feel your best when everything opens back up.

Here are 5 ways to lose that Lockdown weight for Summer 2021

Get those steps in

10k steps a day should be a target for everyone. It doesn’t matter how you do it, via a Youtube video or walking around your cul-de-sac 10 times – get your legs in and your steps recorded!

Give your metabolism a boost

By powering up with protein, drinking up to 8 glasses of water per day, sipping black coffee or green tea (in regulation) and building muscle by practising with a few weights in your living room, you can boost your metabolism once again!

Lockdown may have left you feeling sluggish and your metabolism will reflect this. But, if you make the tiny lifestyle changes and keep it up for a minimum of 6 weeks, you should start seeing results*.

*Alongside a healthy balanced diet and required exercise of course.

Sling the scales and unrealistic targets

Stop setting yourself unrealistic targets and stop using the scales. What matters is listening to your body, consistency with the little changes you’re making and patience.

Patience is such a key factor when it comes to seeing changes in your body. It’s not an overnight process, unfortunately – although it would be great. But being patient and sticking to your new-found health habits is what, in time, will reveal your new body.

Consider weight training

I understand that the thought of weight training can be quite daunting. However, weight training isn’t just huge 6ft men lifting iron, it’s also much smaller frames engaging their muscles to increase muscle mass.

Order a few small weights, and begin to engage your arms, core and glutes with certain exercises which require very little space, yet have great benefits.

As we all know, when we train weights, it turns fat into muscle, so it’s perfect for obtaining a more toned physique!

Quit snacking

I know this one is so difficult and without preparation it’s hard to have healthy snacks on the go. But, your snacking may be the one thing that is cancelling out your calorie deficit.

To lose weight, it’s simple, consume fewer calories than what you’re burning. Therefore, if you’ve had 3 balanced meals, but you reach for a pack of crisps or a Kit Kat when you’re starting to feel peckish, it could be what’s keeping you from your #BodyGoals.

Over the next 2 months, be conscious about what you’re nibbling on. Minimise it. Exchange it for low-calorie alternatives.


You’ve probably read each of these handfuls of times before – But, they truly are the best tips on how to lose weight quickly in time for Summer 2021, hopefully, the best Summer in history!

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