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Can You Beat The Maze? Nottingham’s All New Thrilling Zombie Adventure!

While Kelham Country Hall and Park is usually a pleasing place to walk your dog in the sunshine, this August, they’re going for something completely different. At night, on the 25th and 26th August from 6pm until 10 pm, their 7ft maize crop will become a hunting yard for flesh-eating zombies to run you and your friends down while trying to escape!

Secrets lie within the crop, as well as a whole lotta’ darkness, confusion, screams and gore. The whole experience will last you over an hour and will thrill you to your bone. The creator of the story and the whole event itself is 40-year-old Nigel Catt, “The story behind the whole idea is that a farmer has suspiciously gone missing, along with a few other investigative police, after a worrying phone call from his wife.”

If you don’t fancy being trapped in the middle of a crop in the depths of the night with rabies-ridden humans who-once-were, there is a suggested route that’s a bit more fun, although he says “it gets very scary towards the end, not even your head torches will take away the fear”.

We’re guessing you’re going to need your wits about you when the tension gets too high and a bit of speed in your step! “Roaming zombies will react to noise and will be wandering around the maze, hiding behind certain props and ready to jump out at you at any second – enough to give you a shock”. There will be no other humans running into you either, as groups are let in 10 minutes apart.

For people ready to take on a night in this creepy fantasy adventure, the entry price will be £20.00, including scary themed escape rooms lined up next to the maze.

If you think you can escape the Maze, head over to Snizl Events to purchase your tickets!

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