Unicorn Mania sweeps across Britain

Unicorns are nothing new of course, they have been around since 2,700 BC in one form or another.


unicorn picture


However, in the last year or so, google trends shows a surge in popularity of these mystical, magical creatures, and there is no sign of this trend slowing down.

This obsession with unicorns doesn’t just encompass kids and toys, it seems we adults too have caught the unicorn bug.

There have been a lot of debates and articles written about why we are currently so obsessed with unicorns, but whatever the reason, I have to say I am loving it.


Social Media

Social media platforms have been bombarded with unicorn paraphernalia of all descriptions. From make-up, clothing, toys, food, interior design, and even unicorn poo. There are literally millions of posts on Instagram, twitter, and facebook with the word unicorn tagged in them. There’s even a craze for Unicorn Toast 


unicorn toast

Retailers are more than happy to feed our addiction.

You can literally purchase just about anything and everything with a unicorn theme;  from food, fashion, crockery, stationery, jewellery, cosmetics, toys, pool floats, and much, much, more.

Starbucks, with their Unicorn Frappuccinos that was introduced in April 2017 for a limited period

Crème & Sugar brought us the unicorn hot chocolate

Asda have just released a new range of unicorn-themed homewares for adults

Collection Drake’s for J. Crew Unicorn pyjama set that sold out in record time.

Unicorn cosmetics have brought out a whole range of unicorn products called I want to be a unicorn 

Tarte introduced and very quickly sold out of, their Magic Wands Brush Set, that is now a top-selling product on eBay

There’s even a glitter cosmetics company called Unicorn Snot 


Here’s a selection of our favourite unicorn items currently on the market



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