Make Veganism your new lifestyle change!

Veganism was once described as a strict and unappealing ritualism in the way you eat. But lately, it has blown up and become a lot more popular. With 1.14 million people in the UK already identifying themselves as vegetarians, and the increasing amount of vegan products available, veganism is becoming a much more accessible way of life.

Why veganism is the way forward

Being vegan has some really interesting advantages especially involving your health. It is scientifically proven that having the eating style of a vegan lowers your risk of heart disease and cancer! Vegans also generally have a lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

More than one percent of the population in the UK above the age of 15 have a vegetarian diet, and veganism is catching up, as now there are 542,000 identified vegans in Britain up from 150,000 just 10 years ago. Many meat eaters think that veganism is undesirable because “there’s not much to eat apart from greens” and this is partly true, but there’s a whole new world of vegetables out there most people don’t take advantage of. And it’s not just greens, there are also foods like curry, cake and even pizza you can enjoy without the ingredients animals provide us with.

There are so many ways to embrace vegan living, but the common ground that most vegans have is the plant-based diet avoiding all animals such as meat and dairy. Not only is it cruel but its exploitative to nature as well. Usually, the cruelty towards innocent aminals goes much farther than what many people imagine.

A colourful vegan diet

Where do I start?

Even if you’re reading this with no idea how to become a vegan or a vegetarian, it doesn’t matter. Any small, cruelty-free act from this point onward will mean we’re one step closer to making this world, a safe world, for animals. So here’s a small step to start you off…

Most supermarkets will have their own brand of vegan items now, along with organic and meat supplements such as Quorn. Their products are plant-based, they look and taste like meat, but they’re not. They’re also really tasty!

Veggie options are always available too, whether it be eggs from free ranged hens so that instead of spending days in cramped cages, they get to enjoy their days in the sun.

Now, we hardly see real fur, but to ensure we’re not buying, advertising or promoting the killing of animals just for fashion, we could buy faux clothing items and still look great. The high fashion brand Stella McCartney specialise in their faux leather and are a favourite of the vegan society.

One small step at a time for Veganism

Events for Veganism

There are many events all over the world celebrating and promoting veganism. In the UK alone these events are hosted year after year all year round! Many, from November and December, are listed on our events feed. Which you can get involved in, finding the nearest one near you today.

They are usually free to attend and all companies involved are completely cruelty-free providing food, drink and products that are vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

November is the annual Vegan Month, and the Vegan society celebrates and recognises how far the vegan movement has come. Highlighting how successful, beneficial and accessible a vegan lifestyle can be.

Vegan Events, Festivals and Markets around the UK:






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